Future Pantheon

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It’s been quite a while since I posted anything on the blog, so here is some long overdue correspondence.

I’ve been thinking very hard about whether to make an Issue 3 for the spring and have come to the conclusion that there won’t be one. I never made Pantheon with the intention of making any kind of profit, I just wanted to roughly cover the cost of producing it – this is not happening.  I don’t want it to become a space for adverts as this would defeat the ideology behind it, plus funding is pretty hard to come by. I’m also going to be having a baby in early June so my focus is changing.

Hopefully pausing this project is just for the short-term and I might be able to produce Issue 3 for this time next year or sooner, but for the time being it’s probably best to hold on the submissions.

Thank you very much to all the lovely people who have contributed so far and to people who are still submitting work – your kindness and enthusiasm is a truly wonderful thing.

I’d like to continue updating this blog with relevant bits and bobs, so keep checking if you get the chance.

All the best,




Contributors to Issue 2

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Here are the fantastic people who contributed to Issue 2.  If you want to find out more about what they do, some of them have links down the side of this page:

Julie Del’Hopital

Lizzie Fletcher

David Hartley

Simon Jones

Terri Lucas

Johnny Mains

Sarah Sanders

Tori J Watson

Buying Pantheon

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If you want to purchase a copy of issue 2, you can either email pantheonmagazine@googlemail.com or if you live in Manchester, you can pop into Blackwell bookshop on Oxford Road to get your copy.

Issue 2 is finished

•November 8, 2010 • 1 Comment

Finally it’s done, I got the books back from the printers on Friday. Thanks to all the brilliant contributors for their work.

If you’d like to buy it online, for the time being you can email pantheonmagazine@googlemail.com and a link for you to follow will be emailed back to you.

You can either pay through PayPal, if you have an account or alternatively by cheque.

Nearly there now!

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I’ll be getting the magazine back from the printers by the end of the week, woo! What a relief, it’s been a long month but finally there. It was meant to be ready for mid October, but there were a few hiccups along the way.

Just hope there aren’t any major mistakes that I’ve failed to spot…

Sneak Peek

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Chatter Teeth

This image by Sarah Sanders is called Chatter Teeth and will be a little poster! You can keep it and put it on your wall.


Here is the second page from the magazine, it’s a ‘welcome’ from myself. It gives you an idea of the sentiment.

Listen to this…

•October 7, 2010 • 1 Comment

GO GO listen to Kathryn Edwards’ Girls Aloud cover for BBC Radio Manchester! Kathryn is a multi talented lady who gave me a very moving story for Issue 1.