Issue 1 Contributors

Here is a bit more information on all the lovely contributors who gave work for the first issue. I cruelly asked them to write a little biography about themselves and their interests. I’ll link to their blogs and websites too if you want to have a peek at those:

Anne Fox

Practice currently concerns big ephemeral mass.
The digital images came about as a side effect of trying to learn new software programs and having made hundreds of these drawings a few years ago, whilst looking to discover key moments in other artists’ practice.
Visit Anne’s blog here.
Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart is a Scottish artist based in Barcelona.
Visit Craig’s website here.

Ian Irvine

To get in touch with Ian email

Julie Del’Hopital

My art practice is deconstructing our models of perception of our surrounding environment in order to question our perception of reality . Making an image, is a controlled vision and sometimes my difficulty of sight is uncontrolled. Is this because there is no beginning or end in sight?

Visit Julie’s blog here.

Julie Fletcher

Visit Julie’s website here.

Kathryn Edwards

Visit Kathryn’s website here.

Lizzie Carter

Mary Griffiths

Mary Griffiths is a curator and artist in Manchester. She has shown work in Manchester and Salford (2008, 2009); FAFA Gallery, Helsinki (2009); Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco (2009); and in the Jerwood Drawing Prize (2008). A book of her drawings, Pictures of War, was published by Carcanet in 2009.

Nicholas Royle

Nicholas Royle is a writer, photographer and editor based in Manchester. He runs Nightjar Press, a specialist publisher of uncanny short stories –

Rowena Harris

Visit Rowena’s blog here.

Sarah Sanders

Visit Sarah’s website here.

Simon Jones

Simon Jones works with photography, video and collage. His work is concerned with scale and is interested in things that change the size of the World.

Suzy Ward

Suzy is a primary school teacher in Staffordshire who has two children, two cats and one husband. In her spare time she enjoys sleeping and reading anything she can get her hands on.

Tom Fletcher

Thomas Fletcher was born in 1984 and now lives in Manchester. He is the author of several short stories, and most recently, a novel – The Leaping, published in 2010 by Quercus.

Visit Tom’s blog here.


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